we offer

  • Continued Professional Development

    A personal development plan to help identify any areas for professional and personal development

  • Revalidation support

    We assist and support with the preparation for revalidation, CPD and Practice hours are downloadable from our software. One to one time is scheduled for reflection and learnings

  • Competitive Pay Rates

    We offer competitive pay rates that reflect your professional experience and skills

  • Choice of roles

    Opportunities that include mentoring support workers, competency assessments. Care planning and risk assessments, management roles

  • Advanced and flexible scheduling

    We enable you to plan your personal activities by providing advanced rota scheduling

  • Recognition and pride

    A values-based organisation that appreciates and celebrates the impact of your care

There are so many benefits of being a nurse in adult health and social care. It is often a misconception that you lose acute nursing skills; as a nurse in a nursing home, you must be autonomous – making decisions about someone’s clinical needs alongside the support of a diverse multidisciplinary team.

The registered nurse role in health and social care is a complex, person-centred, multifaceted one, which is underpinned with nursing knowledge. Nurses need to have high levels of autonomy, responsibility, and good decision-making skills so they can offer high-quality support to people who have a wide range of complex needs. In social care, nurses can expect to develop a diverse set of transferable skills and need to be flexible, resourceful, and creative in finding solutions to short-, medium- and longer-term conditions and care.

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