With a reputation for delivering the highest skilled and caring personnel, our in-house training services enable us to share this extensive experience with you.

Our classroom and virtual trainings are supported by client specific bedside training and shadowing experienced team members.

Our training modules equip carers with the range of skills to support services for a wide range of complex clinical conditions, including physical disabilities, neurological and neuromuscular conditions, mental health issues, challenging behaviour or learning difficulties.

Training modules

Our common topics include:

  • Supporting independence with physical disabilities

  • Brain Injury support

  • Spinal Injury support and rehabilitation

  • Mental health support

  • Learning difficulties and neurodevelopment

  • Learning disabilities and Autism

  • Positive behaviour plans

  • Neuro muscular disorders

Clinical tasks

Common tasks covered:

  • Ventilation and airway management

  • Tracheostomy management

  • Bladder management

  • Bowel care

  • Gastrostomy management

  • Medication management

  • Seizure management

We take pride in providing the very highest levels of clinical training to all our healthcare professional staff. Whatever your specific needs or challenges, we can provide the expert training you require.

We recognise that classroom and virtual training alone cannot impart the complex intricacies of an individual and specialist training is always supported by training specific to your needs.

Your feedback and involvement as the individual experts are always welcome.

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