our support

Macanta’s highly skilled and experienced support professionals will be key in supporting your client in all aspects of their life with a positive outcome focussed plan. The main area’s of support:

  • clinical support

    The team will be provided with bespoke training in all aspects of the individuals clinical requirements. They will receive regular ongoing support from our team of clinicians to ensure safety and excellence remains paramount
  • personal support

    The care team will have specific knowledge of how/what/when the client likes to eat, drink, bathe etc
  • monitoring

    Monitoring and recording the impact of those changes in your client’s day to day life
  • supporting

    Supporting your client to live as independently and confidently as possible by following bespoke and structured support plans that have the flexibility to evolve. Realistic and achievable goal setting in conjunction with the client and other health professionals allows development to be measured
  • Evidencing

    Providing accurate, timely and factual evidence to you and your client’s legal team in the form of electronic daily reports

funding streams

  • local authority

    Your local council may pay for any social care support you require, this may be in conjunction with a health care plan provided by the ICB


  • integrated care board commissioning

    If you have an identified healthcare need, you may be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding, which is arranged and funded by your local Integrated care board (ICB)


  • personal health budgets

    Adults and children who are eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) funding and are in receipt of continuing health care have had a legal right to have a Personal Health Budget (PHB) since October 2014 if they choose to


  • case management

    Our care and support teams put our client’s independence at the centre of everything we do.