Having a disability or having been diagnosed with a long-term illness may not, on its own, qualify you or your loved one for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding.

The assessment using a decision making tool (DST) will be undertaken by the ICB must conclude that the individual has a primary health need. This means that the main need is health-related, as opposed to being considered a social care need.

NHS Continuing Healthcare funding can be used to receive care in your own home. The level of healthcare funding available will be determined by your health needs.

Each of your needs will be categorised as low, moderate, high, severe, or priority. If you have at least one priority need or more than one severe need, you will be eligible for the support you require.

If it has been decided that you are eligible, you will be invited to speak to the healthcare professional to discuss how and where you wish to receive the care you need, as well as the organisation you would prefer to provide your care.

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