• Client Scheduling

    Patients and families can see who’s attending and when

  • Carer Scheduling

    Carers know where they stand at all times

  • Time & Attendance

    Hours are logged, absence and substitution are managed

  • Client & Carer details managed

    Relevant client information such as medical and dietary details are securely managed, along with carer information

  • Data Protection & Compliance

    Full explanation of what information is stored, how and why

  • Payroll & Timesheet’s

    Carer login times updated in real-time via the Carer App

  • Incident record keeping

    Any incidents, medical or otherwise, are reported, recorded and acted upon appropriately

Electronic Care Planning is ideal for our operational and clinical teams because:

  • They can see real-time activity to monitor and support carers efficiently
  • It helps ensuring the right care is given to the right person by the right carer at the right time
  • It gives them the ability to update and review care records remotely
  • They can send alerts to care staff regarding care issues or concerns
  • It provides them a simple and intuitive client asseesment process
  • They can control users access level for secure access
  • They can access all client diary’s and organisational diary
  • They can use the instant internal messaging service
  • It has real time alerts
  • It has missed and late visit alerts
  • It has the requirement of an alternate authoriser for medication to ensure safety
  • It has missed medication alerts
  • It gives them access to all staff personnel records
  • It gives them access to all training records
  • It gives training alerts for updates required
  • It has comprehensive instant audit.
  • It has an intuitive reporting.

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