Our process

We intend firstly not to make mistakes but where this happens we quickly take action to put things right. It is important to us to listen and respond to our clients and staff in a thorough and timely manner.

We aim to:

  • Easy process

    Making a complaint is as easy as possible

  • Swift action

    To deal with complaints swiftly and politely

  • Clear communication

    Keep all parties up to date with the process and an outcome once a resolution has been met

  • Share learnings

    Learn from complaints and share our learnings

  • Duty of Candour

    Open and Honest with you when something goes wrong

Where possible and appropriate we will deal with complaints informally and are usually resolved with a conversation. If this is not possible or appropriate our formal complaint procedure will be followed.

Our email address is info@macantacomplexcare.com

Phone number is 0203 196 0791

Both formal and informal complaints are equally important to us. All complaints and concerns are logged and analysed to aid improvements in our service.

Macánta Complex Care Limited will:

  • Acknowledge the formal complaint in writing
  • Deal reasonably and sensitively with the complaint
  • Complete a full investigation and conclusion within 28 days
  • Respond in writing with an outcome

A complainant’s responsibility is to:

  • Raise concerns promptly and directly with a member of staff from Macánta Complex Care Limited
  • Explain the problem as clearly and as fully as possible including any action taken to date

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